Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Angry Youth Workshop Our - Image gallery

Day 1: The Angry Youth Workshop schedule... ready-steady-go!

The workshop commenced with an analysis and dialogue around the Tension Torsion: 20 Years On exhibition, facilitated by curator and artist Farieda Nazier. 

This was followed by Cedric Nunn's presentation about his iconic work as a photographer - informed by contemporary and historic socio-political issues. 

A critical discussion between New Nations School students and Mocke J van Veuren,
explored themes of space with reference to belonging, alienation and agency. 

Other themes discussed included gender issues and freedom of religion. 

Day 2: Photographing in Fietas

Monday, 14 April 2014

Angry Youth Workshop (Day 1)

Day 1 - 11 April 2014 at the Ithuba Arts Gallery

This two day critical photography and visual literacy workshop was hosted by the UJ Center for Educational Rights and Transformation, and was facilitated by Mocke J van Veuren and Cedric Nunn.

We selected 16 very talented students from the New Nations School in Fietas to participate in the workshop. Day 1 comprised three principle stages:
1) providing an analytical account of  the
Tension Torsion: 20 Years On exhibition,
2) gleaning from the experiences of iconic photographer Nunn and
3) exploring and discussing conceptions of belonging, exclusion and agency in urban spaces with Van Veuren. 

Soon to come is a photo log of the above process and Day 2. 

Special thanks to all our highly talented participants, to Yoemna Saint (project administrator), to Madnie Halim (support), to Banele and Lavendhri (videographer and photographer), to ther Fietas Tour Guides, to New Nations School and the Ithuba Arts Gallery.
Also, to UJ Multimedia Department for sponsoring the use of the cameras.

Project co-ordinator and curator:  Farieda Nazier 

Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Angry Youth Workshop

The Angry Youth Workshop is based on the highly successful EAA (Emerging Arts Activist programme) model launched and piloted in Youth Month 2013 (refer to note 1 & 2 below). The broader aims of the two day Angry Youth workshop are to expose, explore and instil a basic socio-political grounding in young activist, towards a socio-transformational end. An objective of the workshop is to promote arts practice as a transformative tool by focussing on critical contemporary histories toward a broader reconciliatory end. The workshop has been generously funded by the University of Johannesburg Centre for Education Rights and Transformation.

Note 1. The EAA pedagogic model is an art-based variant of Freire and Biko’s praxis. Freire argues that praxis, which constitutes a cycle of theory, application, evaluation, reflection and finally a return to theory, can lead to conscientisation and the knowledge to act against oppression. The EAA model applies the original praxis criteria but extends the idea of towards socio-political art processes and civic engagement. It achieves this by employing critical arts practices in order to elicit criticality in South African youth.
The programme addresses the overarching idea of praxis by focussing on pertinent postcolonial theory, critical dialogic and reflective methods, and practice in the form of visual dialogue and civic engagement. Further areas addressed through the participant-based dialogic approach are identity and cultural production.
The programme is a partnership between the Apartheid Museum and UJ Transformation and was initiated and curated by Farieda Nazier.

Note 2. The Angry Youth Workshop is supported by UJ Centre for Educational Rights and Transformation CERT and the Ithuba Arts Fund. The workshop is based on the Emerging Arts Activist programme launched in 2013 in partnership with UJ Transformation Unit and Apartheid Museum.